Plabeau S1 Roségold

Plabeau S1 Roségold

PLABEAU S1 is the first mobile and rechargeable device that emits plasma ions. It enables professional cold plasma skin treatment in the comfort of your own home.

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PLABEAU is the world's first cold plasma ion device for permanent anti-Aging application at home - and all on a natural basis without chemicals!

Regular use stimulates collagen formation.Kollagenbildung angeregt. The skin looks plumper and more youthful and PLABEAU increases the effect of your favourite products!

Creams and serums penetrate much deeper into the skin after a 10-minute treatment and maximizes the effect of your favorite products. PLABEAU also sterilises, i.e. cleanses, the skin. Skin that tends to impurities is cleaned and a permanent application can significantly reduce e.g. acne.

Advantages of the highly eddicient "high-tech-helper" PLABEAU from A-Z:

Applicaion on cleansed, dry skin opimizes the skin texture.

Suitable for all ages.

Can reduce lines and wrinkles.

Can help with many forms of skin problems (e.g acne, neurodermatitis).

Painless and uncomplicated application.

Increase of collagen formation.

Sterilizes and cleans the skin.

Effect of care products are maximized.

Counteracts signs of skin aging for youthful looking skin.

Cell renewal is intensively simulated

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